Your Beach Days Can Be Fun and Fresh When It’s a Clean Air Location

A hot summer day may make you feel like going to a beach, dipping yourself in the cool water, and returning to the soft, sandy bed to lounge. While beach vacations don’t need to wait for summer, real fun can be sought only during this season. The sight of families and friends gathering on the vast expanse of sand with cooler and strolling the shore says it all.

But is it necessary to travel to an extensive beach destination only to spend a memorable vacation? Not really! Even a tiny American state like Connecticut can offer much more than you anticipate. This sprawling coastal region has many beaches with pollution-free air. You can choose any of them for a summer break. Here are the best five beaches in Connecticut based on their AQI levels.

Ocean Beach Park

Sites like show that this beach city enjoys an AQI of 42 on a 0-50 scale demonstrating safe air levels. National Geographic voted it as one of the best beach locations. Families can spend an entire day on this beach doing different activities for their age. The half-a-mile-long shoreline with a boardwalk lets you bathe in the sun hassle-free. The sea may not allow swimming opportunities for everyone, but Ocean Beach Park, with a freshwater pool, accommodates everyone. You can also play video games, visit picnic areas, go golfing at a miniature 18-hole golf course, shop at gift stores, and try food courts for tasty delights. During summer, the place also hosts various events every week.

Hammonasset Beach State Park

It has scored AQI 43 for its clean air. One of the best things to do here is watch the gorgeous sunsets. The phenomenal natural colors will leave you mesmerized. On this side of the beach, you can hike trails, swim, stroll on the boardwalk, and go kayaking. The park also has more than 500 campsites for different age groups.

Rocky Neck State Park Beach

AQI is 44. That means you can spend most of the time on the beach. People come here for hiking. Due to this, it becomes crowded fast. If you want to try the hikes, reach here early morning. This place is close to the capital city of Hartford. If you tour this area with family, consider recreational activities like fishing and swimming. Weekenders like to stay on open campsites.

Silver Sands State Park

The air is clean because its AQI is 48. This woodland with 300 acres offers exhilarating hiking opportunities. One can also check the salt marshes. Park’s shoreline is half a mile, where you can quickly rejuvenate yourself. Birdwatchers find this place especially engaging during low tides. It creates a sandbar connecting the nature preserve of Charles Island. This place has everything in terms of scenery. You can steal quiet moments in this remote corner easily.

Sherwood Island State Park

With AQI 49, this Westport Beach treats you to the visually appealing sand of tan, black, and red hues. The tidal waves on the shore deposit minerals in striped patterns across the sand, creating a scintillating view. This park’s 238 acres of land have woodlands, sand dunes, and a beach. As a result, you can expect to do many things here, from swimming, hiking, and fishing.

Spending summers on a beach near or far from home is always fulfilling. Just take care of the air pollution.



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