Tips for Navigating the Los Angeles Sober Living Scene

Staying sober is difficult no matter where you live. It can be particularly hard if you live in Los Angeles. The city comes with lots of temptations and opportunities to party.

However, staying sober is not impossible. If you put your mind to it, it is something that you can achieve. But it’s probably something that you can’t do on your own.

If you know where to look, you’ll discover that there is a thriving sober living scene in Los Angeles. Here are some ways you can discover the sober side of L.A. so that you can prioritize your health.

  • Being Open

You don’t need to tell everyone that you’re sober.

If you aren’t comfortable doing so, you don’t even have to tell anyone. But there are advantages to sharing with others.

Your friends and family probably already know that you’ve been struggling with addiction. They might even be the ones who led you to sobriety.

Tell the people you trust most about your addiction. Start with those who are closest to you and can help you.

Once you feel more comfortable sharing, start telling other people. Ask them if they don’t mind engaging in sober activities. If they are really your friends, they shouldn’t have problems not drinking for a night or two.

It’s easier to stay sober once you have friends who support your sobriety.

  • Sober Living Homes

If you don’t have a good support system, consider a sober living home.

Sober living homes like the ones at Studio 64 Recovery are great for people who need help becoming and staying sober.

At a sober living home, there’s no temptation. That’s because there aren’t any drugs or alcohol around for you to be tempted by.

Additionally, there is professional medical supervision. Becoming sober isn’t an easy process. Going cold turkey can actually be dangerous.

In severe cases, detoxing on your own could have deadly consequences. And it’s just not that comfortable. It’s better to detox with the help of someone whose job it is to help you detox.

You’ll also have support from therapists and other mental health professionals. Substance abuse is a mental as well as physical problem. Mental health should be taken just as seriously as other health issues.

There is usually a reason you’ve turned to drugs or alcohol. Talking about those reasons can help you avoid substance abuse in the future.

You probably won’t stay in a sober living home forever. And you probably won’t want to. It’s important to build the skills you need to prepare you for everyday life once you return home.

  • Sober Bars

For better or worse, bars are social gathering spots.

People like to go out and drink and have a good time. Bars are popular places to meet people and catch up with friends.

That’s really hard on people who are sober. It’s especially difficult for those who have recently become sober.

Thankfully, there’s a growing number of sober bars in Los Angeles. And it’s not just in California that these bars have become popular.

Sober bars are a worldwide trend. Most bars are also expanding their alcohol-free options. That’s great news.

Ask around or look online to find sober bars near you. They have all the same activities and appeal as a traditional bar. And they are just as fun.

  • Getting Outdoors

Los Angeles is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

There are many reasons why everyone wants to live there. The great outdoors is just one of them. But not everyone takes advantage of it.

Here’s a list of hikes near the city from Modern Hiker. Hiking is a great way to get exercise and enjoy the outdoors. And it doesn’t take a lot of experience to get into hiking.

All you need for hiking is a good pair of shoes, a water bottle, and a great attitude. It’s something that everyone can enjoy.

  • Helping Others

Other people probably helped you on the road to sobriety.

Return the favor and reach out. Once you’re up to it, see about becoming a sponsor for other addicts.

Or see if you can give back to the community in another way. Even volunteering at your local library can make a huge difference.

Helping others will help give your life purpose and meaning. It’s also a great way to create deep and long-lasting relationships with other people.


Staying sober in Los Angeles is not impossible. It might not be easy, but it can be achieved.

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