Give a character sketch of Lencho Answer for Class 10

In Gabriel García Márquez’s “A Letter to God,” Lencho is a central character whose experiences and personality drive the story. Lencho’s character is multifaceted, displaying admirable qualities and certain naiveties.

His importance in the story lies in symbolizing the human spirit, faith, and the struggles of those living in poverty.

Who is Lencho?

Lencho is a hardworking and honest man living in a rural village in Mexico. He relies on his crops for survival and is dedicated to providing for his family. Despite numerous hardships, Lencho remains resilient, hopeful, and unwavering in his faith.

Lencho’s Personality Traits

Hardworking and Honest

Lencho’s unwavering work ethic is evident in how he diligently tends to his crops. He invests time and effort to ensure a bountiful harvest. His honest nature is portrayed through his fair treatment of others, reflecting his moral values.

Faithful and Devout

Lencho’s unwavering faith in God is an integral part of his character. He strongly believes that God will always come to the aid of those in need. This profound faith is evident in his decision to write a letter to God seeking assistance when a hailstorm destroys his family’s crops.

Proud and Independent

Lencho takes pride in his self-reliance and independence. He has reservations about accepting help from others and is determined to provide for his family without depending on charity. When Lencho receives money from the postmaster, he believes it to be a direct miracle from God, refusing to consider that it might be assistance from other individuals.

Lencho’s Significance in “A Letter to God”

Lencho’s character serves as a symbol of hope, optimism, and the power of faith. Despite living in poverty and facing significant challenges, his unwavering belief in a higher power and his indomitable spirit demonstrate the strength of the human soul.

Body Paragraphs

Hardworking and Honest

Lencho’s diligent work on his crops reveals his hardworking nature. He invests endless hours tending to his land, ensuring the best possible outcome for his family. Furthermore, Lencho’s honest and fair treatment of others demonstrates his strong moral compass. He treats people respectfully and expects the same in return, mirroring his belief in fairness.

Faithful and Devout

Lencho’s faith in God is deeply ingrained in his character. This unwavering belief leads him to write a letter to God when adversity strikes. He hopes that God will provide the much-needed financial aid to restore his family’s well-being. Lencho’s devotion is inspirational, serving as a reminder of the power of faith during challenging times.

Proud and Independent

Lencho’s pride and independence are notable aspects of his character. He deeply desires to provide for his family without relying on others’ assistance. This pride leads him to reject the notion of accepting charity. When the postmaster gives him money, Lencho perceives it as a gift from God, reinforcing his self-reliance and ensuring his independence remains intact.


Lencho, with his hardworking nature, unwavering faith, and proud independence, forms the heart of “A Letter to God”. His complex character provides readers with insight into the struggles faced by impoverished individuals and how they navigate life’s challenges with unwavering hope. Lencho symbolizes the human spirit, embodying faith, resilience, and the power of optimism in the face of adversity.


Q: Is Lencho a realistic character?

A: Yes, Lencho’s character is relatable and realistic, reflecting the hardships and beliefs of people living in rural areas. His unwavering faith, hardworking nature, and pride in self-reliance resonate with readers, making him a compelling and authentic character.

Q: Does Lencho’s character change throughout the story?

A: While Lencho’s core personality traits remain consistent, his naivety is challenged by the realities of the world. Although he initially believes the money he receives is from God, he realizes later that not everyone is as honest as he is. This realization marks a moment of growth in his character, showcasing the complexities and nuances of his journey.

Q: How does Lencho’s character contribute to the plot of “A Letter to God”?

A: Lencho, as the protagonist, drives the narrative forward with his actions, beliefs, and experiences. His decision to write a letter to God and subsequent interactions with the postmaster set the stage for the story’s events, exploring themes of faith, poverty, and inequality.

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